Rio Nuevo Considers Refinancing Its Bond Debt

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Fall in Love with Tucson

Fall in Love with Tucson
Dear Tucson: Where have you been all our lives? OK, an hour and a half away, but… did you used to be this cool and attractive? You’ve changed, right? Is it the new streetcar giving you that San Francisco flair? Your downtown has always been walkable, but now it has so many fresh, fun bars and restaurants we want to walk to. And why have you been so modest about your refreshing, 9,000-foot-high mountain? You’re just so genuine and friendly. Frankly, Tucson, it’s hot. Love, Phoenix.


1st Date: Shopping
5 Points Restaurant & Market has five major points going for it: a sunny setting with an art-and-brick backdrop, seductive pastries, a gourmet market, a delectable breakfast salad and the freshest-tasting huevos rancheros this side of anywhere. 756 S. Stone Ave., 520-623-3888,

2nd Date: Coffee
There are two philosophies for combating the summer heat. The first one, you’re familiar with: “Chill, dude.” The other, favored in the equatorial regions, goes something like this: “Burn, baby, burn.” Embrace both at Exo Roast Coffee with a Chiltepín toddy – cold-brewed coffee spiced with chile and mellowed with Mexican chocolate. 403 N. Sixth Ave., 520-777-4709,

3rd Date: Go All the Way… on the Streetcar
The new Sunlink Streetcar zips through downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona, leaving happy commuters and an urban vibe in its wake. Try these eight exotic stops.
1. A strange phenomenon overtakes you in Tucson. You suddenly feel the answer to all questions is “tacos.” You’ll find particularly fresh and well-marinated answers at Seis in the Mercado San Agustín. Emboldened, you may foray into non-tacos, and find several options in the tortilla-size shopping center. La Estrella Bakery peddles Mexican pastries. Blu sources all its cheese, wine, charcuterie and local temptations with love. And MAST sells a cleverly curated selection of artisanal never-knew-I-needed-its. 100 S. Avenida del Convento, 520-461-1110,

2. When hipsters, professors and professionals all converge on one eye-pleasing eatery, you know it’s doing something right. The place is Penca, and that something is pitch-perfect cocktails, frosty tepache (house pineapple beer), and envelope-pushing tacos. Go tongue-to-tongue with a lengua taco, and try the turkey. 50 E. Broadway Blvd., 520-203-7681,

3. Scott & Co.’s mixologists are as earnest as organic chemists but as amiable as pediatricians – and they have their complex cocktails down to a science. Chase a frisky Cottontail (sloe gin, Curaçao, cinnamon syrup) with a scrumptious seasonal special like Tucson Tea (smoked whiskey, mesquite bean syrup, and creosote tincture). 49 N. Scott Ave., 520-624-4747,

4. After resting in peace for nearly two decades, the former Reilly Funeral Home pulled a Lazarus when it was resurrected as Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink. Now, it’s a triune of trendiness. On the ground floor, the buzzing pizzeria serves traditional-modern mash-ups, while the beer garden turns the genre delightfully on its head with astroturf, cornhole and an industrial vibe. Six feet under, in the one-time morgue, is the six-month-old Tough Luck Club. Here, mixologists muddle mind-bending elixirs strong enough to wake the dead (is that smoked paprika in my snifter?). 101 E. Pennington St., 5. 20-882-5550,

photo by David Venezia; Hub Restaurant & Creamery5. Hub Restaurant & Creamery’s in-house scoops stand has proved so popular they plan to open an old-fashioned ice cream shop a cone’s throw away in time for the summer swelter. Warning: The surgeon general has determined that the lemon bar flavor is dangerously addictive. 266 E. Congress St., 520-207-8201,

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6. Across the street from each other, the Rialto Theatre (318 E. Congress St., 520-740-1000, and Club Congress at the Congress Hotel (311 E. Congress St., 520-622-8848, are constantly rockin’ with live music from up-and-comers and old favorites.

7. You’re walking down the grittier side of the Tucson tracks when suddenly you find yourself in… Paris. Those sidewalk-café chairs. The mint green brasserie tiles. The Victorian bar. The tartines and rillettes. The friendly service. Oh, wait, you are in Tucson. And you are in The Coronet. 402 E. Ninth St., 520-222-9889,

photo by David Venezia; A barista displays his wares at Time Market8. There’s a whiff of Italy at Time Market, and it’s not just coming from the wood-fired pizza oven. The artfully arranged vegetables and gourmet foodstuffs recall a Roman alimentari, while the potent coffee concoctions seem like they were steamed by a Bolognese barista. 444 E. University Blvd., 520-622-0761



Written by Keridwen Cornelius Category: Travel Issue: June 2015




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