The vast majority of funds that Rio Nuevo receives are generated by a splitting of transaction privilege taxes (TPT) paid by TIF District merchants to the Arizona Department of Revenue. Merchants within the District should be completing the TPT form by placing the proper code “PAD” in column B (Region Code). By placing code “PAD” on the form, this instructs the Arizona Department of Revenue to direct those funds to Rio Nuevo which ultimately get reinvested into the community.

Participation Instructions

To find out if you’re in the District visit Arizona Department of Revenue.

Per the Arizona Department of Revenue:

“Effective October 1, 2002, taxable activity and collections occurring in the Rio Nuevo District must be reported separately. The code PAD should be used in place of PMA for all business activity occurring within Rio Nuevo in the Business Classes listed below. Activity will continue to be reported by TPT class. The tax rate applied to PAD Business Classes will remain the same as that applied to PMA Business Classes.

For example, if your business has activity within the Rio Nuevo District in Pima County and it has taxable retail transactions, that activity should be listed on the TPT-1 return in PAD 017 instead of PMA 017. All transactions not located in the Rio Nuevo District should continue to be filed under the specific county code. If your business has multiple locations within Pima County, only the taxable transactions at the locations within the Rio Nuevo District should be filed under PAD. All remaining taxable activity should be filed under PMA.”


The TPT-EZ Form is the form that businesses must complete and submit to the Arizona Department of Revenue on a monthly basis. This is the form where businesses located in the TIF District can place the code “PAD” in column B to redirect funds.

For more information including an instructional guide please contact the Administrative Director.

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