Learn more about Rio Nuevo, driving $2 billion of economic impact over the last five years and transforming every $1 of Board-managed investment into $10 of private equity development.

What is Rio Nuevo?

Rio Nuevo is a tax increment finance district (TIF) that invests in a variety of projects designed to expand the tax base, bring patrons and new businesses to downtown Tucson in partnership with the private sector developers, investors and commercial lenders.

Merchants 101

Do you own or run a business within the Rio Nuevo district? Learn how you can do your part to properly allocate the taxes you already collect.


Access the official Rio Nuevo Procurement Code and learn about current RFQs, RFPs and IFBs.

Document Library

As a voter-driven initiative, Rio Nuevo is 100% committed to transparency. Check here for audits, rulings, budgets, expenditures and more.


What does $2 billion of economic impact look like? Learn about the recent, current and planned projects advanced through Rio Nuevo.

Leo Kent Hotel

The Rio Nuevo Board advanced a $38 million plan by Opwest Partners to revitalize the …

Sunshine Mile

Rio Nuevo is working with stakeholders on improving and creating the Sunshine Mile as a destination for the entire community.

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