Rio Nuevo is working with stakeholders on shaping the vision for the future of the Sunshine Mile located on Broadway Blvd between Euclid and Country Club. Improvements will strengthen the corridor, bring the community together and bring new life to the gateway into downtown Tucson. Construction will begin on the widening of Broadway in 2019 and include bike lanes, sidewalks and landscaping.

The Rio Nuevo Board has enlisted the group Project for Public Spaces to assist with the vision and has held public forums regarding the project and its future. Currently, the Board is reviewing plans to acquire three properties along Broadway that are affected by the street widening and redevelop them into retail/restaurant concepts.

Rio Nuevo will begin working with local merchants and developers on 39 unique properties that include Solot Plaza, “Donut Hole” Lot and the Bungalow Block. The properties will then be leased, returned to the tax rolls and ultimately sold with the proceeds going to the Regional Transportation Authority.

Learn about preserving historic places along the Sunshine Mile by visiting Preserve Tucson.

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