Downtown Temporary Revocable Easement (TRE) Program

The Rio Nuevo District will assist downtown restaurants with the implementation of temporary revocable easements. This will assist downtown restaurants to expand their service area into the parking spaces directly in front of their business. The expansion allows restaurants to serve additional customers and begin the steps toward a successful opening and recovery from COVID.

To apply for the program you must be a current Rio Nuevo TIF District restaurant generating sales tax and properly coding TPT forms with code ‘PAD’. Businesses may apply via the form below and will receive a confirmation email upon successful form submission.

Applicants must agree to the terms and conditions before submitting the application. Rio Nuevo will respond to your application within one week upon validation of the application.

More information on TRE’s can be found at City of Tucson.

The application will be available Wednesday, March 17 through Wednesday, March 31, 5PM.

Please contact Brandi Haga-Blackman with any questions.

This application is no longer available.


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