September 6, 2013

Highlights From September 5, 2013 Rio Nuevo Board Meeting

The District board continues to move forward on four downtown projects. The Board approved
the Request for Qualifications to identify and hire a contractor for the $7.8M remodel of the TCC

The AC Hotel project on the corner of Broadway and 5th continues to progress. The District has
committed $4.3M to build the parking structure on that corner; the hotel would sit atop the new

The Board also approved sharing in the costs of an Urban Land Institute study of the far
Westside parcels designed to identity buildable parcels west of the freeway. The District is
partnering with the city and the county on the ULI proposal.

In other action the District approved a $250,000 settlement of the $1.7M lawsuit filed against the
District by Garfield Traub, the contractor for the TCC east entrance, who had made claims for
unpaid invoices and other damages. The legal fees to defend the District would have approached
the value of the settlement.

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