The Rio Nuevo Board unanimously approved the next steps in its Tucson Convention Center (TCC) revitalization project. These will advance more than $4.5 million in continued Information Technology (IT) upgrades and meeting room additions that will match any similarly sized convention center around the country and ultimately separate the TCC from its competition.
Technology Plus (TPI), with offices in Arizona received a not-to-exceed, two-year contract for $250,000 to develop an IT master plan for the TCC and provide ongoing support to Rio Nuevo and the City of Tucson as improvements are made. TPI has extensive experience working with other cities and convention centers to develop a successful and long-term technology plan that ensures effective and efficient results in the fast-moving IT industry. “When we have a master plan in place, it allows TPI to also work with potential revenue sources that could cover the cost of some improvements,” said Chris Sheafe, Rio Nuevo Board Treasurer.
Additional improvements include:
  • Increase Wi-Fi and digital systems throughout the TCC to support future needs for conventions and trade shows that have grown from the COVID Pandemic
  • Design and construction of additional meeting rooms resulting in a total of 10 rooms providing even more options for future use
  • Upgrade the outside lighting to conform with the City of Tucson’s Dark-Sky Ordinance
In other business, the Board unanimously voted to replace the arena dasher boards that make up the bottom portion of the barrier that surround both the ice rink and the indoor football field. This change to a high-density polyethylene will ultimately be required as a safety measure. Reserves that have been set aside from tickets sales will cover the cost.

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