November 6, 2013

Special Meeting Highlights

In a special meeting called primarily to approve the selected contractor for the TCC Arena remodel the District board announced a number of decisions:

Concord General Contracting was approved as the General Contractor for the arena remodel, with a budget of $4.9M ( an additional $2.9M will go toward the replacement of all the arena seating). Concord indicated their profit margin would be 5.25%, a very acceptable range according to the TCC project manager. The board also approved a pre-design contract of $35,160.00 for Concord to start immediately.

In other action the board instructed legal counsel to accept the Arena Lot deed, now executed by the city of Tucson. Three conditions were acknowledged as part of the deed transfer: The deed is subject to the lease to the Greyhound Lines, Inc. for the temporary bus terminal, which requires a one year notice in order to relocate, continued use of the existing parking for approximately 140 monthly permitted vehicles and , finally, subject to the Peach Properties Notice of Claim where Peach claims an interest in the subject parcel.

The District board instructed legal counsel to immediately begin discussions with Peach Properties so that the arena lot development can move forward without costly litigation.

The board also unanimously approved the 2013 independent audit, the second year in a row where the District received an unqualified opinion regarding the District’s financial books and records. 2010 and 2011 annual audits were “qualified” by the auditors due to inaccurate accounting and record keeping.

The board also approved a $39,970.00 for Stantec engineering to complete the engineering work on the Arena Lot.

Finally, the district approved the contract with Not for Profit News Source, LLC to initiate the contest designed to allow area high school students to submit a new name for the District. Winners will be selected from each city ward and all ward winners and the ultimate champion will receive scholarship funds for continued education.

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