The Gadsden Company’s newest project on the west side Mercado area is the new Monier Luxury Apartment complex, which will begin renting in mid-June to July. The Monier will have ground-floor retail, which is already 100% leased. Adam Weinstein with Gadsden said the demand for the retail space was very strong. Their next project, the Bautista Luxury Apartments, will not only have ground-floor retail but also include a river walk along the Santa Cruz. In order to accommodate work stoppages and slowdowns that occurred on their construction projects due to Covid-19, they requested extensions on funding and construction deadlines, which were unanimously approved.

Reilly Craft Pizza
The Rio Nuevo Board voted to provide $100,000 to Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink to assist in the construction of a new rooftop bar and deck that will sit atop their beer garden building just north of the main restaurant. This addition will provide a major expansion for outdoor dining and events. “Reilly’s will begin to re-open next month, but we will open slowly to assure the highest standards for our customers,” said owner Zach Fenton.

Rio Nuevo Selects Eight Restaurants for $10,000 Parklet Grants
Rio Nuevo received a selection of proposals for the Parklet Grants, after thorough discussion, eight restaurants met all of Rio Nuevo’s requirements and will be awarded the grants for a total of $80,000 more invested into the local restaurant market. The selected restaurants will need to go through City of Tucson requirements to complete the process.

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