February 11, 2014

Rio Nuevo Board Meeting Highlights

The board called for a special meeting on February 27 to hear the final bids for the TCC Arena remodel. The project manager presented the construction schedule which shows the project totally completed by the end of 2014. The special meeting will also review the new seats bids and expects to finalize the construction budget and authorize the start of construction.

The Board also approved an Intergovernmental Agreement with the city of Tucson to allow them to utilize the Rio Nuevo contractors to repair some of the deferred maintenance items that were called to the City’s attention and approved by the mayor and council. The city will pay all those costs directly.

The Board unanimously adopted an ethics policy designed to govern the board and board behavior by adhering to a strict ethical standard for achievement, communication, and managing conflicts of interest. The entire document can be reviewed on the website.

The District was presented with the new name scholarship entries forwarded by members of the city council. All but one city council member has forwarded three finalists for the scholarship award. The final names will be reviewed by the entire board, once forwarded from the city council.

The Rialto Theatre board and Executive Director updated the Rio Nuevo board on their recent accomplishments and return to profitability. The Rialto is now one of the top 50 live music clubs in the US according to PollStar. The Rialto presented the District with a proclamation thanking the District Board for its commitment to music and live entertainment. The Rialto annual gala event is this Saturday, February 15.

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