June 16, 2012

Rio Nuevo Releases West Side Audit

The second in a series of forensic audits for the Rio Nuevo projects was released for distribution late last night.  It was to be immediately released to the public per Board discussions at Tuesday’s meetings.  Additional audits will be made available as the Board receives them.

When asked about the forensic audits taking place, acting Chairman Albert Moore said “The residents of Tucson have certain expectations of the Rio Nuevo Board.  One is to move forward with the downtown projects. The other is to remain diligent in accounting for the moneys that were previously spent”.  Mr. Moore went on to say “There is no reason why the Board can not do both.  The residents of Tucson deserve a downtown that they can be proud of, and voted for just that. They also deserve to know the truth about where the money for our vibrant downtown has been spent.  The Audit speaks for itself”.

The Reconstituted Rio-Nuevo Board are Volunteers that live in our community.  Their common goal is moving forward with the vibrant downtown that the citizens of our community expect and deserve, while maintaining an open and transparent relationship with everyone involved.

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