Hotel Arizona Renovation
HSL Properties presented a concept to renovate the Hotel Arizona and create an adjoining senior living project to the east. The combined project will be adjacent to the newly built ‘The Flin’ and will round out the TCC Block. With a budget of approximately $40 million, HSL Properties and their partners will begin demolition in the summer of 2022 and aim for an open date of fall 2023.
The Rio Nuevo Board unanimously approved HSL’s request to support 150 ‘hotel dedicated’ parking stalls within the TCC Lot C Garage behind the Music Hall. There will be no charge for this parking for two years, after two years each spot will cost $15 a day or the market rate.
Note: Chairman Fletcher McCusker recused himself from this agenda item due to a disqualifying conflict of interest.
Zemam’s Restaurant
The Board unanimously approved $500,000 to assist the expansion and upgrade of the Zemam’s Ethiopian Restaurant on Broadway. This will include the creation of “Ze Street;” an expanded restaurant and new patio, a tenant coffee or tea shop, as well as individual food stalls to allow upcoming restaurateurs a space to showcase their dishes.
Zemam’s has purchased three parcels to the west of their current Broadway location and have begun demolition to bring Ze Street to life. This exciting project will be conducted in three phases and has a projected completion date of 6 months. This assistance is similar to the support given to Lerua’s and Rocco’s Pizza, also located on Broadway within the Sunshine Mile Overlay. Chairman Fletcher McCusker said, “We’re pleased to be involved with the whole family on this culturally astute project.”
Amanuel Gebremariam, founder and co-owner of Zemam’s, shared his deep appreciation for the people of Tucson who “opened their doors & opened their hearts.”

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