February 26, 2013

Tucson Convention Center Renovations Team

The newly reconstituted Rio Nuevo Board is committed to the renovation of Tucson Convention Center. The Tucson Convention Center is vital to Tucson’s tourism industry. It currently provides the largest venue for the annual Gem and Mineral Show.

The newly reconstituted Rio Nuevo Board is working in cooperation with its tenant; the City of Tucson, in the renovations. Architect, Elaine Weaver, a Project Manager with the City of Tucson will work with Rio Nuevo Board Chair, Fletcher McCusker, who is lead the renovation team.

Weaver is currently overseeing the City’s Elevator and Escalator Projects which includes construction at the TCC, the Music Hall and the Tucson Police Department Headquarters.

Weaver will be working with Rio Nuevo to provide all project plans, details, and expenses to the public in a timely and transparent manner.

In its continuing commitment to openness and transparency all documents related to the project will be available in our website’s database.

To view Elaine Weaver’s resume, click here.

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