Caterpillar’s Tucson Mining Center is currently being constructed at Cushing Street and the Santa Cruz River in downtown Tucson. The 150,000 square foot building will contain copper paneling, a landscape that will blend into the surrounding desert vista, parking for 500 cars, and bicycle parking in the plaza.

The Rio Nuevo Board worked with many stakeholders including the City of Tucson, to bring the colossal corporation to the community. Caterpillar will create more than 600 jobs in the region over the next five years — bringing total Caterpillar employment to approximately 1,000 — and have an estimated economic impact of $600M.

Caterpillar’s location on the west side is directly across the street from the Mercado San Agustin, MSA Annex, and Mission Garden, creating a vibrant and growing component of the west side neighborhood.

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Notice of Expenditures

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